Welcome in our page, My name is Rafal CEO of prize forest. Where came the idea of this page? I always love to improve my personal life and daily routine also by gadgets. Working on myself, living life of minimalist inspired by nature for its creativity and build in harmony. Some time ago I came up with an idea to share some useful stuff with My loved ones. And that was first little seed! That was amazing they share enthusiasm and slowly starts bringing me “problems” to solved.. exactly. So from one little seed we grow to big forest of crazy stuff.

Life it’s way of constant grow and improvement, with unexpected crazy events. We’re always looking for shorter ways, better solutions, new horizonts. And we try fit in to this character.

The team has grown but Our common passion is help other in their live and search items for create this unexpected moments. So we believe in Our mission to give everyone Our best, and make every customer happy, Seriously! We make every effort for You to feel comfortable on this place.

Keep warm, and enjoy Your trip around fores!

Prize Forest Team