Sun bracelet

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You are part of sometnig bigger

"I love my little bracelet! I think I've had mine for almost two months. I wear it daily. I've even gotten compliments on it" 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Candence Klenk


A phenomenal composition made of natural stones, which is the personification of the solar system closed in the form of a mystic bracelet. Where you are center of this glorious creation. 

It brings to mind all the shimmering beauty, colors and vastness of the universe.

This story is about you, feel the whole universe arround you!

A real polar star among bracelets, a fraction of unreachable beauty made of natural materials will perfectly enrich the wrist of any person who can look further.

Original workmanship and at the same time a minimalist look makes the bracelet ideal for everyday use.

• Handmade solar system on your hand
Can be filled with essential oil
• Satisfaction guaranted
• Out of space look
• 9 natural stones
• Unisex

Great for:

Astornomy enthusiats
Nature lover
A gift

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100% Guarantee Money Back, 30 days
Hi-Quality stone bends
Unique Design
Lowest Price
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World-Wide FREE shipping option will be able only till supplies last.


size: 20cm, beads 5-10mm

Q: Do the beads on this bracelet feel cold when you first hold them? Genuine beads feel cold before wearing them.
A: When you hold the bracelet for the first time, you will feel that the bead bracelet is cool and comfortable.Our beads are real stones,each bead is carefully screened

Q: How Much Does It Weigh?
A: Very light about 2 oz

Q: I have a 6 inch wrist, will the bracelet fit?
A: Yes. The bracelet is adjustable.

Q: How is the durability?
A: Very good durability, totally recommend it. Some users work out in it too.

Q: Do they break easily?
A: Not at all. It's pretty stiff and durable.

Q: Can I shower with this bracelet on?
A: You could, but I find it uncomfortable when wet.

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